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Couples Counseling Services


Good communication is the foundation of any relationship and it is especially important in a marriage. When couples are having problems communicating they can feel frustrated, helpless and worried. Sacramento Marriage counseling services can help identify the blocks to good communication and teach skills to improve the dialogue between you and your spouse.


Over time, you and your spouse may have drifted apart. You became distracted by the business of raising your family and neglected to nurture the relationship with your partner. As time went on, the distance between you and your partner became greater. Intimacy suffered as the connection you once had is eroded. You want to connect with each other but don’t know how to begin.

Kathleen offers a range of marriage counseling & relationship counseling services to address your specific goals. She will give you techniques that help you improve your communication skills and improve intimacy. She is an experienced couple’s therapist and a Licensed Marriage Therapist. Marriage therapy gives couples concrete ways to improve connection, increase intimacy and share ideas. Her marriage counseling services include individual and couples sessions to address your specific needs. If you want to strengthen your relationship, Kathleen Oravec wants to work with you. She can help you learn to laugh and love again.


Nothing threatens a marriage as strongly as an affair. Affairs can destroy the foundation of a marriage and make the world seem to be an unsafe place. You need not suffer alone.

Contact Kathleen Oravec, infidelity specialist with offices in Sacramento, CA and let the healing begin.