Individual Therapy


Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Individuals frequently require therapy for depression and anxiety. We live in a stressful world and sometimes we become overwhelmed by situations and events that are beyond our control. Anxiety can interfere with almost every aspect of your life. As you suffer inside, your world can become smaller and smaller. Every experience can cause fear and worry. Depression causes overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. It becomes hard to find pleasure in your life. You meet every new day with dread.

Therapy for depression and anxiety can help you take some positive steps toward managing your anxiety or depression and to beginning the healing process. Kathleen Oravec will help you understand the causes of your difficulties and manage them more effectively. She is a solution focused therapist and will give you the skills you need to take control of your life. Anxiety and depression can be difficult to conquer. However, therapy for depression and anxiety can be very effective. With determination and with an experienced therapist on your side, you can begin to look toward the future with optimism.